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The Premise:

The reason this game is so successful is that you need absolutely ZERO knowledge of football to win.  It's just so darn simple.  A grid of 100 squares is formed; ten on the x-axis (horizontal), ten on the y-axis (vertical).  Players pay for the rights to own a square.





$10,000.00 paid out!!!






Super Bowl LII is just around the corner.  It's that time again for a Super Bowl Grid Pool.  Forget the messy markers, rulers, and trying to draw 10 equal lines.   I've created this website just for us.  There's nothing like a friendly little game to liven things up during Super Bowl week. 


How It Works:


Check out the Rules, they are the same as last year with the Bigger PAYOUT!!!

Purchase as many squares as you would like via the Signup Form.

You may then view "The Grid"

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